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Athletics carnival is here again


​Grab your running shoes, slop on the sunscreen and don your house colours – the 2018 Inter-house Athletics Carnival is here. Pre-carnival events are a thing of the past and the final chance to gain vital house points is here.

Students are encouraged to wear their house colours for Wednesday's half day and Friday’s full day carnival, however it is essential that it is sun-safe and that they also wear closed-in shoes and a hat. Regardless of the weather on the day, it is highly recommended that students bring a water bottle and regularly apply sunscreen. In the case of cold weather, remember to layer up and prepare for a day outdoors. Students can bring their own lunch or access the Tuckshop at designated times throughout the day.

Parents are very welcome at our Athletics Carnival and we would love to see support for our students on the day. Events will start from 12.00pm Wednesday and 9.15am Friday and the presentations should be completed by 3.00pm Friday. A timetable of events and age groups throughout the carnival is available.

The carnival is shaping up to be a great day for everyone and, as with most years, the team that has the most participants, not merely the high achievers, will probably be crowned the victors. With that being said, attendance is the key on the day and we expect to see everyone there supporting their house.

Athletics Carnival Program 2018

Day 1 - Wednesday 15 August

​Form ​8.45 am – 9.00 am
​Period 1 ​9.00 am – 10.10 am
​Morning Tea ​10.10 – 10.50 am
​Period 2 ​10.50 am – 12.00 am
​Official Welcome ​12.00 pm ​Staff and students to meet in
the Hall to mark rolls.
​Session 1 ​High Jump ​12 boys ​Pit 1
​(Field) ​High Jump ​13 girls ​Pit 2
​Shot Put ​14 boys ​Circle 1
​Shot Put ​15 girls ​Circle 2
​Triple Jump ​16 boys ​Runway 1
​Long Jump ​17 girls + 18/19 girls ​Runway 2
​Session 2
​400m ​All ages
​Session 3 ​High Jump ​15 boys + 16 boys ​Pit 1
​(Field) ​High Jump ​15 girls + 16 girls Pit 2​
​Shot Put ​12 girls ​Circle 1
​Shot Put ​13 boys ​Circle 2
​Triple Jump ​14 girls ​Runway 1
​Long Jump ​17 boys + 18/19 boys ​Runway 2

Day 2 - Friday 17 August

​Session 4
​100m ​All ages
​Session 5 ​High Jump ​12 girls ​Pit 1
​(Field) ​High Jump ​13 boys ​Pit 2
​Shot Put ​14 girls ​Circle 1
​Shot Put ​15 boys ​Circle 2
​Triple Jump ​17 boys + 18/19 boys ​Runway 1
​Long Jump ​16 girls ​Runway 2


​Session 6
​200m ​All ages


​Session 7 ​High Jump ​14 bys ​Pit 1
​(Field) ​High Jump ​17 girls + 18/19 girls ​Pit 2
​Shot Put 12 boys ​Circle 1
​Shot Put 13 girls ​Circle 2
​Triple Jump ​15 girls ​Runway 1
​Long Jump ​16 boys ​Runway 2


​Session 8
​100m final ​All ages


​Session 9 ​High Jump 17 boys + 18/19 boys ​Pit 1
​(Field) ​High Jump 14 girls Pit 2​
​Shot Put 16 girls ​Circle 1
​Shot Put 16 boys ​Circle 2
​Triple Jump 15 boys ​Runway 1
​Long Jump ​12 girls ​Runway 2


​Session 10
​4 x 100m relays ​All ages



​Presentations ​Staff and students to assemble in front of the year 12 shade structure.