​Our dress code aims to:

  • allow students to be immediately identifiable as a Chinchilla State High School student
  • be comfortable and sunsafe
  • look neat and tidy
  • be appropriate for school activities
  • be appealing so students want to wear it
  • be affordable.

Education Queensland has an obligation to ensure the Heath and Safety of students. This duty of care will be discharged using a risk management process.
The P&C Association supports the Principal in determining the level of acceptable risk to students. Hence, in conjunction with the P&C Association, the school community has determined that students at this school will wear our prescribed uniform for reasons of:

  • school identity
  • personal safety
  • pride
  • a sense of belonging
  • a positive public image
  • to minimise economic and social differences and competition between students in dress and fashion
  • to satisfy workplace health and safety requirements.

Compulsory School Uniform (Year 7, 2020)
  • Navy shorts (with CSHS embroidered)
  • White sports socks (with CSHS embroidered)
  • School polo shirt (maroon with navy sleeves and gold collar)
  • Navy blue bucket hat with school logo
  • Black leather shoes with black laces
  • Navy shorts (with CSHS embroidered)
  • White sports socks (with CSHS embroidered)
  • School polo shirt (maroon with navy sleeves and gold collar)
  • Navy blue bucket hat with school logo
  • Black leather shoes with black laces
Current students are still permitted to wear the 2019 uniform until replacement items are required.
All students will be required to wear the compulsory uniform (as listed above) by 2022.
Safety requirements mean only leather shoes with impervious uppers are to be worn. Students may not wear open footwear of any kind.
In winter add
  • School Jacket
  • Navy blue track pants
  • Navy blue fleecy jumper

Year 12 students design and purchase their own winter jersey each year in consultation with the Principal and Parents and Citizens’ Association. Only the approved design constitutes the school uniform. If students choose an unapproved design, they are choosing an item of clothing to be worn out of school only.

Formal uniform

The formal uniform will be available during 2021.
2022 will see the introduction of formal uniform days and the expectation that students will wear the formal uniform when representing the school on excursions and at formal events.

Boys long navy socks will be for formal occasions only.

HatSchool bucket hat


Students out of uniform must bring a note from their parent/guardian stating reasons for being out of uniform. This must be presented to a Deputy Principal and a uniform pass will be provided.

Long term notes must go to the School Office for approval and kept in the diary.

If teachers consider students are inappropriately dressed they will be sent to Administration.

Students not wearing black leather shoes will not be permitted to particpate in practical activities.

Jewellery, make-up, piercings and grooming

  • Makeup, except natural SPF product in a clear tone, or fingernail polish are not allowed. Foundation, eye make-up, nail polish, or French manicure nails are not to be worn. False eyelashes, eyelash or eyebrow tint are not acceptable.
  • Hair must be clean and tidy and comply with workplace health and safety provisions. Hairstyles should be conventional with natural colours and tone.
  • In workshops and laboratories hair is to be restrained.
  • Jewellery is restricted to a wrist watch and two sets of plain studs or sleepers worn in ears only. Facial jewellery is not permitted (i.e. pierced body jewellery - no studs, rings or bars are to be worn on the eyes, ears, nose, tongue or lip area). Ear lobes with wide open holes are not acceptable in the school environment. Students may not cover any facial piercing.
  • If your child does undertake to have piercing done, he/she is advised to have it done at the beginning of the Christmas holiday when the healing time of six weeks is sufficient to allow for a clear retainer to be inserted. The clear retainer represents our efforts to compromise. Should an infection result at any time, or healing time is not sufficient, given that it is not acceptable to wear ‘cover’ jewellery, it is an expectation that the piercing be removed.

Where situations occur of wilful non-adherence to the dress standards the school will either/or:

  • Provide an alternative
  • Remove the item and return to parent
  • Send the student home in the care of the parent or nominated carer to substitute or acquire correct dress
  • Make an alternative arrangement for a period of time 

 Uniform shop

The process of ordering a uniform can be completed three ways: directly from the uniform shop, through the Qkr! app or via a uniform shop order form (PDF, 667KB).

The uniform shop is located in M block and the hours of operation are:

  • Tuesday 8.30 am - 9.00 am
  • Thursday 8.30 am – 9.00 am

Order forms are also available from the school office, tuckshop or directly from the uniform shop. The completed form and payment are then returned to the tuckshop for the order to be filled (outside uniform shop operating hours). The order will then be available for collection from the tuckshop at an arranged time.​

Last reviewed 02 February 2022
Last updated 02 February 2022