​​Science has a specific role and has a variety of functions that benefit our society. Science responds to societal needs and global challenges. Creating new knowledge, improving education and increasing the quality of our lives are some of the ways science works for the world in which we live. 

Year 7, 8 an​​​d 9

Science provides opportunities for students to better understand how many things in our world work. Students will develop an understanding of important science concepts and processes, the practices used to develop scientific knowledge and science’s contribution to our culture and society. Students will discover how science applies to our everyday lives. Students will cover domains of study including components of the physical universe around us like atoms, plants, ecosystems as well as the natural forces at work on those things. Students will develop the ability to think and act in scientific ways that will help them develop as confident, self-motivated and active members of our society.

Year​​​​ 10

This year students will be working on skills to ready them for studying science in Year 11. They will be developing research skills as well as developing the skills to questions and hypothesise. Students will undertake the design and then carry out appropriate methods of investigation. Students will work in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth Science, which focuses on our galaxy. 

Year 11 ​​and 12

Biology – General​​ Senior Subject

Students will engage with living systems when studying Biology. They will develop their understanding of cells and multicellular organisms. They will study biodiversity and the interconnectedness of life. They will form links with the concepts of heredity and the continuity of life. They will develop an understanding of how biological knowledge influences society. Students will plan and carry out laboratory work as well as complete other research investigations. 

Chemistry – Gener​​al Senior Subject

Students will engage in studying atomic theory, chemical bonding, and the structure and properties of elements and compounds. They will explore intermolecular forces, gases, aqueous solutions, acidity and rates of reaction. They study equilibrium processes and redox reactions. Students will explore organic chemistry for the first time. They will learn and apply aspects of the knowledge and skills to understand how chemistry may impact society. Students will plan and carry out laboratory work as well as complete other research investigations.

Physics – General Se​​​nior Subject

Students will learn the fundamental concept of thermodynamics, electricity and nuclear processes. Also, they will work with linear motion of objects and explore some understanding of waves. The concept of gravitational and electromagnetic fields and the relevant forces will be explored. Revolutions in modern physics such as special relativity and quantum theory will also be investigated. This subject requires intellectual rigour to evaluate claims and they will need to communicate their findings, including arguments and conclusions. Students will plan and carry out laboratory work as well as complete other research investigations.


Last reviewed 17 June 2021
Last updated 17 June 2021