The official opening of Chinchilla State High School was performed by Mr Fletcher, MLA, on March 30, 1963. Other official guests included the Chairman of Chinchilla Shire Council, Mr Dorney, the Member for Condamine, Mr Sullivan, also Mr Sheriff representing the Parents and Citizens’ Association, and Mr Campbell, Headmaster of Chinchilla State School.

Before the establishment of the High School as a separate entity, students attended the High Top at Chinchilla State School. The High Top was introduced in 1954 with only 15 students. A year later there were 54 students and, by the end of 1962, there were 178 secondary students.

The years 1963 and 1964 will be remembered by the students of the Chinchilla State High School as the years of separation. 1963 was the first year when the High School operated as a separate unit, and in 1964 we will see the moving of Grade VIII from the Primary School to form the new grade of the High School.
(Principal’s Foreword, 1964 Yearbook)​

The High School opened with two buildings, now called A and C Block. In 1963, manual arts and home science students had to travel backward and forward between the new High School and the Primary School because the High School did not have workshops or home science facilities. Improvements over the years were often needed but gradual.

Erection of buildings of Chinchilla State High School

1963Wing 1 (A Block) and Wing 2 (C Block)
1965Wing 3, Home Economics block (E Block)
1967 Manual Arts block (F Block)
1969 Wing 4 (G Block)
1989 Resource Centre (B Block)
1990 Multi-Purpose Hall (H Block)
1995 Art block (D Block)
1998 Senior Machine shop (F4) and Multi-Purpose Courts
1999 TAFE building
2000 Food and Textiles block (J Block)
2010 Science block (K Block)
2013 L Block
2019 Sports hall (M Block)

Over the years, consistent and dedicated work by successive principals and their staff, complemented by equally competent P&C committees has resulted in a continual improvement of all aspects of the school.

Principals of Chinchilla State High School

1963 – 1964

Mr Reuben Williams

1965 – 1968

Mr Bill Paterson

1969 – 1972 Mr Bert Shield
1973 – 1975Mr Peter Macdonald
1976 – 1977Mr Neville Fynes-Clinton
1978 – 1979 Mr Joe Thiele
1980 – 1983 Mr Bill Donnelly
1984 – 1985 Mr Kevin Bowden
1986 – 1987 Mr Murray Kay
1988 – 2006 Mr Mike Myerson
2007 – 2011 Mrs Judy Guzzwell
2012 – 2018 Mr Scott Rowan
2019 – present Mr Ian Insley


Chinchilla High School has a proud heritage of academic achievement, of social connection and of student development. These have emerged from local people, teachers, staff and students valuing education as an enormous benefit to individuals, to society and to the country. We acknowledge over 50 years of local history in high school education, appreciating that changes will come, but confident that Chinchilla State High School will continue in this fine tradition.

Last reviewed 08 June 2021
Last updated 08 June 2021